An intriguing aspect of estate sales is that once they're done, they're done. Discovering that anything has gone awry profit-wise is nearly impossible. Let us help you maximize your profits.

Experience, integrity and compassion.

Expertise Across Valuable Categories:

Benefit from my extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with high-value items, including coins, jewelry, precious metals, diamonds, watches, fine silver, and more.

Licensed Auctioneer:

As a licensed Auctioneer in the state of Georgia, I bring professional credentials to the table, ensuring that your estate sale is conducted with the utmost integrity.

Financial Focus:

My primary goal is to help you make enough money to cover my services and potentially pay for your entire estate sale, ensuring a focus on your financial success.

I specialize specifically in the beginning stages of guiding clients through the process of estate liquidation, ensuring they connect with reliable, trustworthy estate sale companies. With my extensive background in both buying and selling within the estate liquidation field, I bring a unique perspective that helps in identifying overlooked values in estates. My service stands out because I can often secure higher returns for specific valuable items, significantly more than what might be achieved through standard estate sales. For instance, I recently helped a client sell a collection of items, returning $4,000 to them after my fee—a much better outcome compared to the typical estate sale route where they would have received $1,625. My clients benefit from my expertise without direct charges, as my compensation comes from selling select items at rates more favorable than standard estate sale fees. Ultimately, my goal is for clients to feel a sense of relief and trust, knowing they’re making informed decisions with the best possible financial outcomes for their estate liquidation needs.